Local Resources


**The Children’s Clinic, 2903 1st Ave., Lake Charles, La 

(337) 478-6480
Dr. Drez
Dr. Wallace

NP Beth Savoie

**The Pediatric Center, 2800 Country Club Road, Lake Charles, La 

(337) 477-0935

*Dr. Roger Grimball – Pediatric Dentist – Accepts Medicaid
910 S. Beglis Parkway
Sulphur, La.
(337) 625-2212

**Oral Surgeon (remove wisdom teeth)
Dr. Rawleigh Fisher
2010 Oak Park Blvd. Lake Charles, La. 70601
(337) 478-3816

**Dr. Paula Kline, Psychologist– Stonebridge Behavioral Health
(337) 564-6731

**Dr. Patricia Post (337) 474-2682
2000 Southwood Dr
Lake Charles, La. 70605

**Dr. Whiteman – Neuropsychology Institute of Lake Charles

 2829 4th Ave #150, Lake Charles, La

(337) 477-7091

**Lakisha Williams – Psychologist at Beyond Words

(337) 990-5571
1202 Kirkman St, Lake Charles, La. 70601

**McNeese Autism Program – ABA Services
(337) 562-4246

**St. Nicholas Center- Early Intervention ABA, Speech & OT Therapy
Ryan St, Lake Charles, La.70601
(337) 491-0800

**Kathy Chovanec, MA, BCBA, LPC, LMFT – ABA interventions, mental health counseling
(337) 474-7090 In Network w/ most insurance cos. Not w/ Medicaid/Medicare

**Milestone Behavioral Services- ABA Therapy
Melissa Coco Raymond
(337) 540-9737

**The Missing Piece, Inc. – ABA Therapy
(337) 436-6488

***Sprouts ABA therapy

 Sprouts offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services to children with  autism, developmental delays, and other challenging behaviors. Our  commitment to meaningful, long-term  progress in the life of every  child we work with is evident through our small case loads and highly  individualized programming that is continually modified to meet each  child's changing needs. Our family-focused approach allows us to  actively collaborate with parents about our goals for  their child both in and out of the home and then to give them the tools  needed to achieve those goals.  

Sydna Oakley - (337) 602-6247

4819 Ihles Road

Lake Charles, La

***Crossing Roads ABA

(337) 376- 0136

127 Williamsburg Street building E

Lake Charles, La

***West Behavioral Center

611 N State Street

Lake Charles, La

(337) 246-7525

***LINKS ABA Therapy

4019 Common Street

Lake Charles, La

(337) 377-6206

***Behavioral Intervention Resources

  Our clinic, Behavior Intervention Resources, LLC is located in Lake  Charles, Louisiana and has been in practice since July 2012. We  primarily see children with Autism and Developmental Delays, as well as  other diagnoses that Autism has been proven to be effective with (which  can include a WIDE variety of diagnoses). We provide Applied Behavior  Analysis (ABA) Therapy in our clinic setting (and in some circumstances,  home and school settings as well). We accept private insurance,  Medicaid, and private pay. With our services, children get one on one  guidance, assessments, and individualized treatment plans and goals.  These goals may include a focus on social skills, early learner skills,  academic skills, instruction following, gross and fine motor,  communication and language skills, decreasing problematic behavior, etc.  For children of school age, we work on school readiness, and  collaborate with their schools to address any difficulties they may be  having and work to target them for generalization to the school  environment. We also provide parent/caregiver training at least once a  month that targets their child's specific goals and progress,  implementing our treatment plans outside of the home, etc. Once monthly,  we also have a large meeting where all caregivers and parents are  invited to sit in on a training involving principles of ABA, helpful  information for parents/caregivers, etc. Our clinic offers training for  schools and their teachers as well to educate them on Autism, helpful  techniques and knowledge for their classroom, etc. 

2912 Warren Ave.

Lake Charles, La

(337) 661-4041

**Kids Team (Speech, OT & PT)
Nelson Rd. Lake Charles, La. 70605 (337) 475-4020

**Hope Therapy (Speech, OT and PT)
1717 E. Prien Lake Rd.
Lake Charles, La. 70601 

(337) 478-5880

**Therapeutic Riding Center of WCCH- (West Cal Cam Hospital)
886 Landry Lane, Sulphur, La. 70663
(337) 527-4357 Ask to be added to waiting list

**The SPEAK Center of Louisiana- Services, Programs & Education for Autistic Kids
(318) 442-6601

**Ultimate Performance Sports & Rehab – Nutrition & Health
Office: (337) 421-0010
Fax: (337) 421-0032

**Family & Youth Counseling – Autism Alliance- Fees based on a sliding scale – No insurance accepted
(Social groups & counseling)
220 Louie St, Lake Charles
(337) 436-9533

Calcasieu Parish School Board
**Calcasieu Parish School Board –  Beth Doucet - Special Services
(337) 217-4300

School Options

Community Support Offices
**Families Helping Families
2927 Hodges St
Lake Charles, La. 70601 

(337) 436-2570

**OCDD- Office for Citizens with Disabilities – (get evaluation & be put on waiver lists)
3501 5TH Ave
Lake Charles, La. 70601
(337) 475-8045


**Imperial Calcasieu Human Services Authority
PH: (337) 475-3100
FX: (337) 475-3105 

West Behavioral Center

West Behavioral Center