Board of Directors

President - Angelique Chalker


 Angelique has been with the Autism Society of SWLA since 2016. She has a daughter with Asperger's and that is what brought her to the Society. She started off as Secretary and with her vision has been voted in as our President. 

Vice President - Melanie Dupuis


 Melanie has been with the Autism Society since 2018, though she worked with the Society behind the scenes since 2017. She has a 9 year old son with Asperger's. She started out as the Secretary and moved up to Vice President. She wears many hats in the Society and wears them well, while getting the job done. 

Secretary - Crystal Dunaway


 Crystal has been with the Autism Society since 2018, but has worked behind the scenes since 2016. She does not have a child with Autism, but loves many friends children that do have Autism. She goes above and beyond for the Autism Community and helps when needed on any project task asked of her.   

Directors at Large

Kristy Mouton


 Though Kristy has only been with the Autism Society a short time, she has done great things for the Autism Community already. She is a great asset to the Society. 

Evan Patterson


 Evan has been with the Autism Society of SWLA over 20 years. He has Asperger's and is wonderful with the kids in all our events. He is a amazing asset to the Society.  

Donna Winger


  Donna has been with the Autism Society of SWLA since 2018. As a  parent of a 3 year old little boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder, she  sought out support from others who were connected in some way to Autism.  In her quest, she stumbled upon our organization. 

Directors at Large

Samantha Collins


Info to come soon...

About Us


How We're Helping

 We strive to give individuals with autism & their families the  opportunity to enjoy many events in the community throughout the year.  Events include:  Christmas party, Children’s Museum visits,  SPAR water park event, an annual summer camp “Camp Hopen”, and “Brighter,  Quieter” movie screenings on a monthly basis held at Cinemark Theater at the Prien Lake Mall, the theater lights are left on, the  volume turned down, and the “Silence is Golden” rule is lifted so that  the entire family can enjoy a movie together! We also do Chuck E Cheese Sensory days on the first Sunday of the month. The music is turned down, the lights are left bright, and your child can have as much fun as their big hearts desire.


Get Involved

We are always seeking volunteers and sponsors for our events. Our biggest event is Camp Hopen which is a 24 hour camp that is free to people on the Autism Spectrum and up to two caregivers. We have water slides, a bounce house, petting zoo, arts and crafts, bead sorting, a swimming pool, a movie, and so much more to explore at Camp Hopen.


Thank You

A day in the life of a person on the Autism Spectrum is not normal, but they are the first to make the best of what they accomplish. With that said, we would like to thank you, whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.